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D-2400 Automatic System

D-2400 high-speed automatic strapping unit  

The D2400 is a technically innovative strapping machine capable of over 50 strapping cycles per minute. This unit is compatible with 3/16", 1/4" and 3/18" strapping material. Cycle initiation via start switch, photo eye or foot bar. Adjustable table height from 29.5 to 35.4. Operating on single phase power, the unit can be plugged virtually anywhere in your facility. Multiple language capabilities displayed via LCD panel. Capable of being equipped to accept our new XL coils and easy strap feeding, the D2400 minimizes the lost time associated with coil changes.


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Features:   .pdf brochure
  • New ejector finger automatically detects and corrects strap problems
    JAM-FREE operation
  • High speed cycle time capable of more than 50 cycles per minute
  • Auto-bundle sensor senses height and adjusts tension within range
  • Easy strap loading via feeding slot and auto-feed mechanism
  • Equipped with safety strap cutters
  • Automatic strap ejector removes leftover strapping material upon coil completion
  • External dispenser  determines strap levels for convenient and safe coil changes
  • Multiple language LCD display can be programmed in several different languages