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NP-5000 high-speed newspaper automatic strapping unit  
The NP-5000 takes over where the NP-3 leaves off. Building on over 25 years of experience in the newspaper industry, the NP-5000 is a high speed (54 bundles per minute, single strapped, regardless of bundle height) strapping solution for today’s newspaper industry. The NP-5000 provides superior performance, compact design and outstanding reliability for both ROP and inserting operations. Equipped with a 5.6” graphic display screen, the NP-5000 utilizes touch screen technology for all of its functions. With its soft clamp compression, bundle conditioning system, extra wide conveyor belts, and variable speed conveyor; the NP-5000 handles bundle variables with ease. Removable body panels, quick release heater blade, one piece arch track, pre-lubricated gripper system, and servo motor system facilitate machine maintenance. The NP-5000 is the newest “Downtime Eliminator” in our line of automated newspaper strappers.


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  • Servo drive technology capable of applying 54 straps per minute 
  • Compatible with 5 mm (3/16"), 6 mm (1/4") or 9 mm (3/8") strapping material
  • External operator interface with Touch Screen Technology identifies operational status of the unit, as well as assisting troubleshooting minor problems
  • Pre-lubricated gripper assembly extends preventative maintenance schedule 
  • Wider tension range offers greater tension control for different size bundles 
  • Quick release heater blade offer easy access for preventative maintenance 
  • Small bundle strap ejection device guarantees proper release of small bundles 
  • Low bundle sensor offers automatic tension adjustment for various bundle sizes
  • Recessed air regulator eliminates possible damage from other mailroom equipment 
  • Efficient compact design minimizes required floor space 
  • Built in interlocks interfaces with both up and down stream equipment
  • Minimal number of moving parts 
  • Oil-less air system is environmentally safe and low maintenance 
  • End of strap sensor alerts user of strap coil change 
  • Quick change dispenser provides easy loading and unloading of strap coils
  • Variable speed conveyor offers easy interface to existing conveyor speeds 
  • Soft clamp compression shapes itself to bundle contour for uniform compression
  • Bundle condition system aligns bundles prior to strapping 
  • Extra wide conveyor belts provide positive handling of irregular shaped bundles 
  • Locking, sliding & removable panels allows for easier access for maintenance 
  • Table height adjustment adapts to various heights conveyor systems 
  • Six month warranty on parts and labor



Dynaric NP-5000 Newspaper
Fully Automated System