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ST-1 fully automatic strapping unit  
The ST-1 is the operator-less system utilizing powered belts on the table tops and photo switches in its function. Cycle initiation is via photo switch although; the unit can be switched to manual mode for offline use. The ST-1 has an adjustable table height between 775 mm (30.5) and 900 mm (35.4). This unit can operate on single or 3 phase power (208 volts to 460 volts). This is compatible with 5 mm, 6 mm or 9 mm strap materials. The strap dispenser is externally located. The ST-1 is equipped with an automatic strap feeding and discharging system facilitating coil changes. Hinged table tops make accessing the machine convenient and easy. The ST-1 can be equipped with our new line of high capacity XL coils eliminating frequent changes. Heat seal strapping capabilities offer maximum seal efficiency.


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  • Compatible with 5 mm (3/16"), 6 mm (1/4") or 9 mm (3/8") strapping material
  • Automatic strap feed
  • Strap end sensing systems, automatic discharge
  • Strap sensing
  • Up and downstream interlocking
  • Adjustable conveyor height
  • PC control with operating unit and display signal processing via PLC control unit
  • Automatic strap tensioning depending on height of package
  • Hinged table tops
  • Adjustable table belt conveyor drive (frequency inverter)
  • Quick changing strap dispenser
  • Heat seal smoke dissipation fan
  • Six month warranty on all parts
Dynaric ST-1
Fully Automated System