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IBF NegFast
Offset Printing Plates



IBF NegFast Negative Subtractive Plates

NegFast is a robust single sided, negative, subtractive, offset printing plate specially designed for Basys and Luscher UV devices. Its highly sensitive photopolymer emulsion provides extremely rapid exposure and high resolution when exposed to high-energy UV light sources. Its design provides exceptional digital and conventional pre-press use and pressroom performance, offering wide exposure latitude and reliability.

  • Electro-chemical micro graining
  • Excellent pressroom performance
  • 32mj/cm2 provides extremely fast exposure
  • Wide working latitude
  • Fast roll-up & UV ink compatible
  • Spectral range 300 - 400 nm
  • Manual or automatic processing
  • Good visible image
  • Resolution 1 - 99% @ 225 dpi
  • Run Length 250,000 w/o baking

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