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Presto Delta E



BetaColor Presto Delta E Spectro-Densitometer

Beta's newest color control device simplifies print quality at an affordable price! The Presto Delta E combines the full color capabilities of a high-end spectrophotometer with advanced densitometric functions such as: gray balance, dot gain and trapping. The Delta E is an ideal color matching solution for packaging and commercial printers alike, allowing fast and precise readings of Gracol G7 gray balance, Pantone and special spot colors. Its large LCD screen accurately displays spectral readings in 1/10 of a second! Utilizing advanced LED technology, the Delta E's spectral engine has the ability of displaying color space information in various responses: L*a*b*, L*C* h and Delta E. With its ability to read both plates and printed sheets, the Delta E is the ultimate solution for both press and pre-press departments.


  • Automatic color recognition
  • Gracol G7 Gray Balance (tm), Pantone (tm) and Spot Color matching
  • ISO compliant
  • Automatic density
  • Automatic dot gain
  • Automatic gray balance
  • Automatic dot area
  • DELTA E, L*a*b*, L*C* h
  • Apertures 1 mm / 3 mm
  • Status T and E response
  • Advanced LED technology
  • Measurements - 1/10 second 
  • Over 500,000 Measurements - AA alkaline batteries
  • 3 year warranty

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