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Beta Screen
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Beta Screen magnifiers

Beta offers the most complete line of high quality glass loupes, linen testers, and specialty magnifiers for the Graphic Arts industry. Distortion free, 3 element, color corrected, coated lenses facilitate image register and evaluation. Used widely in both pre-press and pressroom areas, Beta Screen magnifiers are recognized throughout the industry for their image clarity and sharpness.
Primarily used as a film magnifier, the BetaView's smooth acrylic body prevent any kind of surface scratching. As with all Beta magnifiers, the BetaView's lenses are coated and color corrected providing superb image clarity and contrast. Available in 10x, 12x, 20x magnifications.
The standard of the industry used for accurate color registration and image evaluation. BegaMag's glass lens folds over into its covered compartment for easy storage and protection. It's available in 10x, 12x, 20x magnifications to satisfy all requirements in pre-press, pressroom, and QC departments.
Another industry standard, the BetaSwing uses high quality, distortion free coated lens for precision registration and evaluation. It may be used in various areas to evaluate film, proofs, plates, and printing material. As its name implies, the BetaSwing's lens swing around for easy storage. It's available in 10x, 12x, 20x magnifications to satisfy many requirements.
Eliminating all parallax compensation, RegisterPro's collimated lens is totally free of image distortion making it the ideal magnifier to image assembly work. It's 360 degrees Plexiglas body allows natural room light to filter through facilitating visual perception. It's metal lens body is fully adjustable allowing for individual focusing. Available in 12x magnification only.
Linen Testers
Beta Screen offers several types of linen testers in various magnifications and sizes. All Beta linen testers are made from solid glass coated lenses for clear and sharp image evaluation. Linen tester are ideal working magnifiers allowing user to touch up plates and film negatives. All parts fold down easily for easy storage and transport. Available in 3x, 5x, and 8x magnifications.
These economy magnifiers deliver lots of performance at a value. Used mainly for non critical work evaluations of film, plates and printed pieces.  Fixed polished plastic lenses and acrylic body allow for even lighting. Available in 10x and 15x magnifications.
These all glass high powered stand microscopes
are i
deal for observing fine image details and critical examinations of film, plates, proofs and printed sheets. Available with and without measuring reticule, these sturdy scopes have smooth helical focusing mechanism which keep the lens and scale stationary. Adjustable eyepiece provide sharp focusing ease. Available in 25x and 50x magnifications.

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