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Beta Screen
BetaViewer 3


BetaViewer 3

An indispensable quality control device for all pre-press and pressroom color evaluations. BetaViewer's LED color enhancing functions contrast all process colors, offering easy evaluations of quality targets and register marks. Its use in the pressroom significantly shorten press make ready cycles, increasing productivity and reducing costly waste.
Spend no more lost time setting register, achieving color or diagnosing print quality issues; BetaViewers magnify and contrast image slur and doubling targets.


  • LED color enhancing and contrasting
  • UV channel
  • Magnifies print quality targets
  • Shorten press make ready cycles
  • Facilitate print evaluations
  • Efficient LED lighting system offer weeks of use without recharging
  • Includes rechargeable batteries, optic mounting plate and charger
  • Over 25,000 units sold since its introduction

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