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Experts in high performance chemical technology
A renowned leader in the Graphic Arts industry, C & W is recognized as a technological innovator of
pressroom solutions.
Their distinct approach to research and product development has earned them vast recognition in the areas of ecology and product innovation. As a research partner to various allied manufactures, C & W has become a leader in CTP chemical technology. This type of knowledge exchange has lead to the development of a wide range of high-performance pressroom solutions, for both commercial and newspaper applications. C & Ws environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing has positioned them in the forefront, developing ecological chemical solutions without sacrificing production performance or print quality.
This relentless pursuit for product development, consistency and process controls, has earned C & W a strong commercial position at well respected newspapers and large commercial printers alike.

C & W
Pressroom Solutions













 Fountain Solutions
formula process dampening  / inking system description  pdf

Pacesetter SC

newspaper spray - turbo - brush - conventional super conc. neutral Pacesetter SC
Viva SC newspaper spray - turbo - brush - conventional super conc. alkaline Viva SC
Pacesetter 990 newspaper spray - turbo - brush - conventional - keyless mild acid Pacesetter 990

Safe CF

heatset web duotrol - conventional mild acid Safe CF

Reliable BF

heatset web brush - conventional mild acid Reliable BF

Unidamp 150

sheetfed integrated - conventional mild acid Unidamp 150









 Blanket & Roller Washes





Autowash 142


automatic wash-up attachments

Autowash 142

UV Wash 103

manual UV

general UV wash

UV Wash 103

Dynamic WM


general water miscible wash

Dynamic WM



 General Pressroom Products




MRK metering roller cleaner


Rubber Regenerator

blanket and roller roller rejuvenator Rubber Regenerator

Gum Arabic

pure gum arabic 14 baume Gum Arabic

Plate Cleaner

alkaline plate cleaner desensitizer Plate Cleaner

Dampener Cleaner

dampening system cleaner Systems Cleaner

Alcohol Substitute

alcohol replacement Alcohol Replacement

Silicone Conc.

silicone concentrate 60% Silicone Conc. 60%