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Dynaric N3400
Automatic System

N3400 high-speed automatic strapping unit  

Utilizing the latest direct drive technology, the N3400 is capable of up to 55 strapping cycles per minute. Its compatibility with 1/4" - 1/2" strapping materials provides excellent packaging flexibility. Cycle initiation via start switch, photo eye or foot bar. Adjustable table height facilitates ease of operation. Operating on single phase 110 V power, allows its use anywhere in your facility. Its Direct Access Technology provides easy access to strap path, providing for fast cleaning and maintenance.

N3400 Strapping Unit

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Features:   .pdf brochure
  • Wear free, energy saving direct drive motors
  • High speed cycle time capable of more than 55 cycles per minute
  • Auto-bundle sensor senses height and adjusts tension within range
  • Strap end detection system with auto discharge
  • Equipped with safety strap cutters
  • Anti Strap Loss Function provide constant strap control
  • Internal dispenser determines strap levels for convenient and safe coil changes
  • Exclusive eject function avoids strap jam