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ECS Infrared (IR) Bulbs
Heidelberg SM102 / CD102 - Drystar Dryer


ECS (Energy Curable Solutions) provides high-performance twin-tube infrared (IR) replacement lamps for all late model Heidelberg SM102 and CD102 presses equipped with Drystar & Drystar 3000 infrared dryers. Available in both short and fast medium wave frequencies, ECS infrared gold emitters are ideal replacements; providing OEM quality and longevity (5,000 hours) at a fraction of the price.



Bulbs Energy Volts / Watts Channel 1 Channel 2 Total Length Height x Width Cable Leads Tech. Specs.
SM102-SW-C short wave 400 v / 5,400 w 3,500 w 2 x 950 w 1,200 mm 11 x 23 mm 4 x 100 mm SM102-SW-C
SM102-FMW-B-3000 fast med. 400 v / 6,200 w 3,100 w 3,100 w 1,160 mm 15 x 33 mm 2 x 500 mm SM102-FMW-B-3000


 * Heidelberg Piller / Drystar dryers utilizes multiple SM102-SW-C short wave bulbs only (C7.170.0301)
 ** Heidelberg Drystar 3000 dryer uses multiple SM102-FMW-B-3000 fast med. wave bulbs only (F7.170.0771)
 ***  CD102 presses utilize the same bulbs and have similar dryer configurations as the SM102 models





lamp profile  SM102-SW-C
SM102-FMW-B -3000
Guaranteed Operation
5,000 hours

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