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ECS Infrared (IR) Bulbs
Heidelberg SM102 / CD102 - Grafix SHS Dryers


ECS (Energy Curable Solutions) provides high-performance twin-tube infrared (IR) replacement lamps for all late model Heidelberg SM102 and CD102 presses equipped with Grafix SHS infrared dryers. Available in fast medium wave frequencies, ECS infrared gold emitters are ideal replacements; providing OEM quality and longevity (5,000 hours) at a fraction of the price.



Bulbs Energy Volts / Watts Channel 1 Channel 2 Total Length Height x Width Cable Leads Tech. Specs.
SM102-FMW-B fast med. 480 v / 6,000 w 3,000 w 3,000 w 1,125 mm 15 x 33 mm 2 x 500 mm SM102-FMW-B


 * Grafix SHS dryer utilizes SM102-FMW-B fast med. wave bulbs only
 ** CD102 presses utilize the same bulbs and have similar dryer configurations as the SM102 models





lamp profile SM102-FMW-B Guaranteed Operation
5,000 hours

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