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  • Adhesive and non-adhesive versions
  • Smooth and matte surface finish
  • Extremely durable PET film
  • Available in cut sheet and roll sizes
  • Dimensionally stable avoids gauge loss
  • Adhesive allows repositioning on cylinder
  • Non-moisture absorbent eliminates corrosion
  • Useful for plate and blanket packing
  • Available in a multitude of thicknesses
  • Improves productivity and print quality
  • Eliminates packing movement
  • Does not leave adhesive residues
  • Compatible with all cylinders
  • For use on sheetfed and web presses
  • Edge to edge uniformity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Press Packing
Offering numerous advantages over conventional paper press packing, Polipack adhesive and non-adhesive polyester packing are available in a multitude of thickness to satisfy all blanket and plate cylinder packing requirements. Available in smooth and matted finishes, Polipack adhesive and non-adhesive packing offer superior usage life and stability on press. Its dimensional stability and anti-slip properties eliminate thickness loss and creeping, improving print quality and productivity. Polipack's tough polyester base is resistant to harsh chemicals and does not absorb moisture minimizing cylinder corrosion. Polipack's exceptional adhesive allows repositioning without leaving any adhesive residues on cylinder surfaces.

Policrom Polipack
Polyester Press Packing