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ECS Replacement
UV / IR Reflectors & Filters

UV dichroic reflectors and quartz filters for superior IR suppression
ECS (Energy Curable Solutions) offers a comprehensive line of replacement reflectors and quartz glass filters for UV curing equipment from well recognized manufactures, such as: Grafix, IST, Eltosch, Honle, Gallus, GEW etc. Our OEM quality reflectors and filters superiorly suppress unwanted IR energy transmission, minimizing high-temp transfer to heat-sensitive substrates and lamination films. Available in standard curved or flat configurations, ECS reflectors and filters meet or exceeding OEM specifications and provide an economic advantage.
  • High precision optical coatings
  • Dichroic technology
  • Curved or flat configurations
  • Formed aluminum, borosilicate or quartz
  • OEM specifications
  • Custom designs
  • Superior IR suppression
  • Multi-layer film coatings
  • Excellent UV transmission or reflection
  • Significant heat reduction
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved ink and coating drying
  • Eliminates substrate distortion

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Note: Grafix, IST, Eltosch, Honle, Gallus & GEW are registered trademarks