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Siebert Dry & Pre-Soaked
DuPont Sontara
Cloth Rolls

The Finest in Dry & Pre-Soaked Cloth Rolls
Because you demand the highest performance from every device and system on your printing press, our dry and pre-soaked blanket wash cloth rolls are manufactured strictly from DuPont SONTARA® original Print Series cloth fabrics. SONTARA® PrintClean, PrintMaster and other Print Series fabrics are the recommended cloths of choice by all major automatic blanket cleaning systems in the industry. Our dry and pre-soaked SONTARA® cloth rolls are precision made for exact fit and superior cleaning performance. We offer dry and pre-soaked cloth rolls for every available automatic blanket wash-up attachment, roller washing system, cylinder cleaner and chill roll cleaning device in the market.

Dry and pre-soaked cloth rolls are available for all of the following sheetfed and web offset printing presses: Akiyama, Baker Perkins, Harris, Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Koenig & Bauer, MAN Roland, Miller, Mitsubishi, Planeta, Ryobi, Shinohara, Timson, Toshiba and others. Complementing our cloth roll offering, we provide technical service and replacement parts (bladders, nozzles, motors, etc.) for various Baldwin and KBA blanket and roller wash-up attachments.


  • Patented formulas reduced cloth consumption
  • Certified DuPont SONTARA® fabrics
  • Pre-soaked cloth rolls eliminate solvents
  • Dry cloth rolls for solvent systems
  • Eliminate offensive solvent odors and VOCs
  • Eliminate spray nozzle & hose clogging
  • Compatible with UV, hybrid & conventional inks
  • Compatible with sheetfed, heatset and news inks
  • Effective on blankets & back cylinders
  • Water-emulsified technology removes residues
  • Reduce paper lint and blanket contamination
  • Replacement parts for existing attachments
  • Cloth rolls available for all systems and presses
  • Available in regular and jumbo cloth rolls
  • Technical support & retrofits
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Reduces press clean up time and blanket contamination
Press Cloth Rolls