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Smith RPM
SprayMATIC Spray Bar Dampening



Performance, Quality, and Innovation
SprayMATIC spray bar dampening systems for commercial & newspaper applications

Smith RPM offers the latest in pulsed spray bar dampening technology. SprayMATIC bars and TouchSTAR digital controls allow newspapers and commercial web printers worldwide achieve excellent print quality and rapid return of investment. SprayMATIC bars and TouchSTAR controls provide the advanced pulse speed and precise pattern control required for continuous roller coating and fountain solution metering. TouchSTAR controls offer extreme programming flexibility of pulse rates, volume output and zone control, improving press performance and significantly reducing start-up waste. Smith RPM also offers replacement spray bars for existing dampening systems from Ryco, Baldwin and Goss Graphics, improving their overall print quality and press performance.


Reliability & Convenience

  • Patented flow-through design for consistent flow
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, stainless steel bars
  • Universal bars fit any position on the press
  • In-line filtration offers easy cleaning
  • Quick mount mist guards with hinged covers
  • Job file security and library job storing

Performance & Serviceability

  • Alternating pulsation for overlap control
  • High-speed precision valves provide up to 2,800 ppm
  • Precise water adjustments in less than .05 ms increments
  • Sliding cover for easy removal and replacement
  • Quick release, self aligning, turn nozzle
  • Quick mount hand wheel for bar placement
  • Quick disconnect electrical, solution supply and return
  • Water proofed and accessible components
  • Quick change valve assemblies and onboard electronics
  • Modern connect troubleshooting, set-up and diagnostics

User Friendly & Economic

  • Independent nozzle control for precision adjustments
  • Digital "Smart Bar" controls
  • Touch screen displays
  • Low pressure operation reduces waste
  • Environmentally safe with less elimination of waste disposal
  • Minimal start-up waste

TouchSTAR Digital Controls
TouchSTAR controls provide comprehensive water distribution with infinite spray nozzle adjustment. Independent non-linear curves provide continuous print quality allowing for set point differentials to increase or decrease water output with press speed changes. Values are individually stored and quickly recalled for presets of previous jobs. Automatic, adjustable flood time controls allow for very fast start ups with minimal waste.

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