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Infrared Press Dryers

Efficient IR technology

Soneko IR press drying systems significantly improve ink drying time and eliminate offsetting difficulties. Custom manufactured to specifications, these IR drying modules utilize medium-wave infrared energy generated from a twin gold tube IR emitter lamp. The module is equipped with a stainless steel reflector that efficiently transfers maximum radiant transmission. The lampís output intensity is accurately controlled by an SCR controller module, guaranteeing optimum drying times and minimal energy consumption. Whether its one or several units combined, these dryers are easily installed making them the most cost effective solution for improving print production.

  • Custom sizes - 10" - 80" (254 - 2032 mm)
  • Wattage - 110 watts per linear inch
  • Lamps - Twin gold reflective tube emitter technology
  • Easy installation - Compatible with all press models
  • Precise drying control - SCR controller
  • Improves ink drying - Medium-wave IR energy
  • Stainless steel reflectors - Optimum transmission
  • Energy efficient - Low electrical consumption
  • Single or multiple dryer combination
  • Competitively priced
  • Low cost lamp replacement

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Soneko IR Modules